Brain Gym® – 26 Movements Course

This workshop is for
Parents • Teachers • Therapists • Counselors
Anyone who wants to enhance living &learning,
for themselves and others

Anyone who is interested in becoming officially licensed as a
Brain Gym Movement Facilitator – NEW!

Date:     September 28-29, 2019   (Sat-Sun)

Registration: $290 paid two weeks ahead – $325 thereafter.
Repeat registration: $145 / $165
Buddy rate: $260 / $280 each, for two or more registering together

Instructor: Kathy Brown, M.Ed.

Location: Center Edge office, 4915 E. Pinchot Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018. directions

Prerequisite: None — Open to All

Participants will…
•    Understand what’s at the root of many learning and coordination challenges, and what to do about it
•    Experience all 26 Brain Gym movements and learn how to get the (playful!) most out of each one
•    Explore the Three Dimensions of Intelligence (Laterality, Centering, and Focus) and how they can be enhanced through specific Brain Gym movements
•    Learn how to incorporate Brain Gym activities into the 
classroom day • therapy session • home environment – in a natural, fun way
•    Learn how to modify Brain Gym activities for 
children with special needs • frail senior citizens • those prone to seizures
•    Experience how Brain Gym readies the mind-­‐body system for focus, organization, participation, communication, relating positively to self and others, physical coordination, cognitive skills -­‐ and especially reading

➡ Even more: Would you like to become licensed as a Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator?
If you’ve already taken BG101, you’re one-third of the way there!

This new, quickly achieved “facilitator” category has just been created. Here are the basic details —

Becoming a “Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator” involves just three courses:
BG101 — the Brain Gym® 101 course
BG104 — Brain Gym® 26 Movements course (this is a new, for-credit intro course)
BG110 — the Movement Facilitator practicum course (details being finalized as I type this)
Full details about the BG Movement Facilitator track are at this link.

This new licensure track offers people like you
• the opportunity to teach others about Brain Gym movements, for a fee.
• a way to gain an income stream, that may support you in taking more courses toward full licensure as a Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant, if that’s what you want to do
• a way to spread the word about the many benefits of the Brain Gym program, offering others the movement tools and concepts that may transform life for themselves, their family, clients, and students.

Once you’re licensed, you’ll be able to
• teach the BG104 course
• teach introductory workshops of up to 6 hours, where you share some of the BG movements
• charge a fee for offering these learning opportunities
• use the BG Movement Facilitator logo
     This licensure does not authorize you to
     • offer private balance sessions
     • advertise as a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/ Consultant
     • use or teach the 5-step Brain Gym balance process or repatterning
       when teaching BG104 or intros (although you’re welcome to share
       your enthusiasm for what can be learned in the BG101 course,
       which we hope people will go on to attend)

What’s your first step?
Or, if you’ve already taken BG101, what’s your second step?

Taking the BG104 course — Brain Gym® 26 Movements

 I look forward to sharing this great new course with you!

We would be happy to schedule a course or workshop
specifically for your group, school, business, or association

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