Brain Gym® 101 ~ Now ONLINE!

These 24 course hours will be held over eight days, three hours per day

Location: Zoom link!

This course is not on Kathy’s current calendar.

Learn to facilitate the dynamic Brain Gym® session process (the “balance” process), and how it can be used to support anyone in improving how they
write & speak
move their body in a coordinated way
and much more!
Experience the unique philosophy and practice of the Brain Gym system, that brings out the best in every learner.
Explore all 26 Brain Gym movements – how to get the most out of them, how and when to do them, and how to modify them for special needs or circumstances.

This workshop is for
Parents • Teachers • Therapists • Counselors

Anyone who wants to enhance life and learning
for themselves and others

What will I experience and learn in the Brain Gym® 101 course?

•    All 26 Brain Gym movements – how to get the most out of them, when to implement them, how to modify them for special circumstances or needs
•    A variety of simple yet powerful Brain Gym “balance” protocols that you can use yourself or facilitate with others, including:
•    Dennison Laterality Repatterning (DLR) to integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain. (Following DLR, people frequently experience marked improvements in crossing the midline, eye-teaming and tracking, and in reading quickly and easily.
•   Additional balances that enhance our ability to communicate, organize and comprehend.
•   How to use these practical tools in the classroom or at home.


In addition, we recommend:
Educate Your Brain, by Kathy Brown.
Discounted price of $20

Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition, by Paul & Gail Dennison.
This book fully describes all 26 Brain Gym movements
and provides much supplemental information about them,
and about Brain Gym. $30
Both will be shipped to you with your manual
(Shipping to U.S. addresses only)

Your Instructor:

Kathy Brown, M.Ed., Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant, has 23 years experience as a classroom educator (K-6). Since 1998 she has been offering Brain Gym services in schools, teaching Brain Gym courses and workshops, and working with private clients of all ages.

She is the author of Educate Your Brain, the award-winning book on the basics of the Brain Gym® program.

Kathy says, “I’ve never seen anything like Brain Gym for uncovering hidden potential and bringing out the best in every learner. It makes learning more fun, and makes teaching easier–and it’s simple to do. What could be better?”


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