Developmental Building Block Activities

A one-day workshop providing simple techniques to support integration of the nervous system. These techniques strengthen the developmental foundation and lead to higher functioning in daily life skills. While they are especially beneficial for those with a less-mature nervous system, people of all ages and abilities find them relaxing — and delightful!

These techniques were developed by Cecilia Koester, as part of her Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers course. Kathy Brown is an authorized provider of this one-day workshop.

This course is not on Kathy’s current calendar.

Read my blog posting about the Developmental Building Block Activities
and why they’re so very helpful

Who would benefit from this workshop:

  • OTs and PTs who work with all ages and levels of functioning
  • Anyone who works with clients who have special needs
  • Practitioners who work with clients recovering from PTSD, emotional or physical trauma, TBI, or clients who may be overwhelmed by the sensory load from life
  • Anyone looking for an adjunct to enhance the techniques that they are currently practicing, by addressing the neurological system at its core
  • Brain Gym® instructors who want to add to their professional toolkit

Participants will

  • Learn seven techniques/activities that will support neurological integration of the nervous system, strengthen the developmental foundation, and lead to higher functioning in daily life skills
  • Understand how these BBAs cultivate reliable, integrated internal patterns that help clients more easily receive and process sensory information
  • Experience three learning dimensions (Laterality, Centering, and Focus) and how these BBAs relate to each one, as a basis for knowing which to use with a specific client, and why
  • Learn how the seven BBAs presented can positively affect seizure activity. It has been demonstrated that these BBAs can decrease the intensity, duration, and frequency of seizures

We would be happy to schedule a course or workshop
specifically for your group, school, business, or association

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