How can I bring Brain Gym to my school?

Kathy Brown is available to consult with schools and school districts about how to easily support children in learning.

Depending on your available training time, areas of concern, and (let’s be honest) budget, you might want to consider this continuum for training:

• Begin with an introductory workshop for teachers, OT/PT/SLT, classroom aides, and other support staff – a half day or full day.
— Read about in-service workshops on the Courses & Workshops page.

• Provide resources (very important, so teachers can have a handy reference for the information and techniques, increasing likelihood that they’ll continue using what they’ve learned). There are others, but most schools invest in these resources first:
Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition ~ Dennison & Dennison
— Educate Your Brain ~ Kathy Brown, M.Ed.

— the “PACE” poster, illustrating the Brain Gym warm-up
— the “26 movements” poster, illustrating all of the main Brain Gym activities
Educate Your Brain is available through
Kathy Brown’s office can provide the other resources mentioned, or they are available through

• Offer follow-up training for those who are interested. Faculty or staff members could attend one of Kathy Brown’s Brain Gym® 101 courses, or she can schedule a course specifically for your school.

• Schedule a “Residency Day” with Kathy Brown. A Brain Gym Residency Day offers schools a full day of on-site Brain Gym consulting. This can include any combination of:
— Direct student services: working one-on-one with students with specific learning or behavior challenges
— Classroom demonstrations: the use of Brain Gym in classroom settings to help accomplish specific academic goals
— Staff support: coaching teachers or support staff in their use of Brain Gym with individual students or in particular school settings
For more information see the article, “A Brain Gym Residency Day” on the Center Edge Articles page.

• Designate one (or more) of your faculty as a “Brain Gym resource specialist.” This person could become additionally trained by attending further courses in the Brain Gym curriculum.
Optimally, this person could become licensed as a Brain Gym® instructor/consultant. At that point, he/she would be authorized by the Brain Gym® International foundation to offer Brain Gym workshops, and to teach the Brain Gym® 101 course. You would have your own “in-house” licensed Brain Gym instructor!
— For information on the Brain Gym licensure process, see the “What is Brain Gym?” page

We would be happy to discuss all these learning opportunities with you, and more.


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