A three-day class that is a joyful exploration of eight developmental spheres of our innate perceptual intelligences. These natural gifts are present at birth, but may be suppressed (or less used) in response to outer-directed, competitive or goal-oriented environments.

The perceptual intelligences addressed are:
The Observer  •  The Animator  •  The Resonator  •  The Nurturer
The Builder  •  The Internalizer  •  The Communicator  •  The Synergist

When these perceptual intelligences are developed and integrated, our natural, innate abilities become more available, enhancing focus, memory, listening, spatial sense, organization, inner calm and personal ease, artistic enjoyment and creativity.

Course Dates:  September 11-13. 2020  (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Registration: $425 if paid two weeks in advance; $450 thereafter.
Buddy rate: $$395 / $410 each, for two or more registering together.
Graduates of this course may repeat for $215 / $225  (bring manual)

Instructor: Kathy Brown, M.Ed.

Location: Center Edge office – 4915 E Pinchot Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85018    

Prerequisite: None. All may attend.

This course counts as 24 elective hours toward Brain Gym instructor licensure.

In this course you will:
• experience the developmental elements of each of the spheres through movement, play and artistic exploration
• learn information on each developmental sphere
• practice supporting others in balancing for full development of each sphere
• learn 32 Visiongym movements to add to your learning menu
• come away with tools for balancing clients and students, friends, family and self, when goals are blocked by lack of development of any of these spheres

This class is excellent for educators, parents, occupational therapists, anyone seeking to increase their perceptual skills or anyone with learning challenges.

We would be happy to schedule a course or workshop
specifically for your group, school, business, or association

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