For Your Eyes Only: Vision Rejuvenation

A two-day class whose key focus is learning simple, effective means to refresh and improve your vision. Improve your academic or cognitive tasks, enhance sports coordination, and simply enjoy life more fully.

Learn simple, effective means to refresh and improve your vision.
Understand better how your visual system functions and what causes visual challenges.
Learn how vision affects other sensory systems, including auditory and vestibular function.
Enjoy two wonderful days, filled with fun and exploration, and come away with tools to help others, as well!

Course Dates: January 20-21, 2018 (Sat-Sun)

Registration: $325 if paid by January 6 – $350 thereafter

Instructor: Denise Hornbeak, M.S., N.V.T., L.E.K., R.M.T.

Location: Center Edge office – 4915 E Pinchot Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85018    

Open to: Everyone! No prerequisite!

This course counts as 16 elective hours toward Brain Gym® licensure .

Denise Hornbeak has been a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor since 1988, and has an extensive background in vision improvement. Since 1982 she has worked as a Vision Trainer with Developmental Optometrists in San Diego County, she is a Natural Vision Re-Educator, Vision Training Therapist, Visioncircles Instructor, and Author.

Vision involves not only the anatomical and physiological systems
of the eyeballs. Vision is part of a complex set of factors, including the physical, mental,
psychological, spiritual, and emotional.

Who can benefit from this class:

  • Teachers, OTs, Parents of children with challenges
  • People wishing to improve their own VISION
  • Those wanting to learn good visual habits
  • Those who seek to preserve their VISION
  • Those with “computer eyes” or eyestrain from too much near focus
  • Those who want to support others in transforming how they use their visual system for work, study, and play!

This Eye-Opening Experience Addresses the Following Skills:

Eye Muscle Coordination, so the individual can use his/her muscles related to the eyes in a synchronized manner. Signs of decreased eye muscle coordination are eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and double vision. These symptoms may lead to changes in a person’s lifestyle, including becoming sleepy after minimal near-point work and computer activity, trouble with driving, avoiding homework, lack of interest in reading, and a decreased ability to play sports that require visual acuity and tracking.
Eye Relaxation, for those who “try too hard” to see. They will see clearer with relaxed eyes, which are the outcome of using good visual habits, techniques, and tools.
Focusing Flexibility, to improve the ability to shift focus quickly from one object to another, both near and far. As with poor eye muscle coordination, poor focusing flexibility can impact reading. Individuals with poor focusing ability will also often notice fluctuations in vision acuity throughout their workday. This is especially prevalent in people who work regularly with computers.
Eye Tracking, to address one of the main causes of reading disability. For many individuals with this problem, just going from one printed line to another can be a monumental challenge. Inadequate eye tracking makes it difficult to stay on task. Many students with eye tracking issues become frustrated and quickly lose interest in learning and reading.

Common Areas of Improvement:
Enhanced vision, hearing, and body awareness • Reduced fatigue
Increased interest in learning • Improved reading comprehension
Greater coordination and proficiency in athletics and driving

Participants say…
• “With a lifetime of learning and teaching, Denise shares her knowledge as a true leader in the field of self-development and peak performance.”  ~ Suzanne Wickman, MS, PT – Joshua Tree, California
• “Excellent!” ~ J.L., Joshua Tree, California
• “Wonderful!” ~ M.B., Ventura, California
• “Awesome Presentation!!!” T.K., Ventura, California
• “Very easy to follow the manual and all the material. I feel like I can use the exercises during my day. Denise is very passionate about her topic, and patient with the students. I really enjoyed the class and will recommend it to friends.” ~ N.R., Encinitas, California
• “After experiencing the two-day workshop with Denise for vision rejuvenation I found not only did my vision improve, but my whole body was more balanced, felt more coordinated, and felt better overall. Due to the exercises, we learned I did not have to wear my distance glasses to drive for two weeks. The exercises are for both vision and visual field. Now I am back doing the exercises and not needing my glasses again! Thanks ever so much for this full body workshop!”  ~  Charlene, San Diego, California
• “The course was an absolute delight. The pace was honoring, the information excellent and in perfect quotient to the class learning style: not too much – not too little. Denise is an amazing teacher. It was a special, balanced class.”  ~ Marilyn Bouchard Lugaro, Ph.D., Huntington Beach, California.

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